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Goal Setting Sunday

Sunday’s at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern

Goal Setting isn’t hard or even all that complicated.

The challenge is staying focused to reach your goals.

Come join us – every Sunday – while we set some goals, and welcome the accountability needed to reach them.

Grab your coffee, tea, wine … whatever … and come hang out with us! There is always laughter, honesty, and goals!ere 



Dionne C Thomas

My day job as an Online Business Manager (OBM)/Virtual Assistant (VA) keeps me busy.  As the owner of The Zeva Group, not only am I responsible for my goals, but for setting goals and organizing initiatives for my team!  When working with clients I am often in the role of setting the goals, but helping us stay on task to achieve them. 

To that end, I love my Passion Planner!! So there was a sale, and I bought a few as gifts.  I wanted to show others why I love this planner, and how it has been a fundamental part of my ongoing success!


Planners we Love

Passion Planner

This is my JAM!
This journal has everything you need to map your Passion, and reflect monthly to keep you on task!

Law of Attraction Planner

Do you Woo?

This planner is awesome for my more spiritual folks!!  It’s similar to the Passion Planner, but didn’t speak to me in the same way!


Bullet Journal Method

Some of us can’t be contained with pre-printed pages!

The Bullet Journal is more about the method, and less about the pretty planner.  I actually use the bullet journal method in addition to my Passion Planner! It’s my daily to-do list that makes my Passion Planner AMAZING!!



Set some goals

Crush some $hit

Clap for your damn self!!



Upcoming Events

September 2019

Focus 30

Every year, we use the month of September to FOCUS.  We select one project/goal and focus on its completion in the 30 days of the month of September.  The intention is to finish Q4 with the same energy, focus, and excitement as we started Q1.  We get up at 5 am – for 30 days – and we focus for 1 hour – on this project/goal.  Each time zone is lead by a dynamic facilitator that is dedicated to helping you complete your project/goal. The cost for this adventure is $45 with a grant going to one random participant in each group!!  This is your time, let’s get started!!

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Level Up Digital Summit Registration


One Day - 20 Speakers  - $18

Yay! Be sure to check your email