I’m Dionne, the Founder of The Zeva Group. I’m not a big fan of talking about myself and enjoy being the “get-it-done” girl – behind the scenes.

- Dionne C. Thomas

Our Support Services

The Zeva Group specializes in providing the support services that today’s business owner and entrepreneur need, when they need it, and a price they can afford.

Launch Strategy & Implementation

We put together a team that specializes in all the pieces you need to have a successful launch. Landing Pages, Email Automation, Lead Magnets, Facebook Ads, Webinar Support, and more.

Virtual Administrative Support

Whether you need customer service support, scheduling your appointments, or other tasks, we have VAs that specialize in helping you,

Event Planning & Management

We can help with location selection, cost analysis and budgeting, speaker selections, and technology support. We can also set up landing pages, ticketing, and more.

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"Dionne and her team took my app vision from an idea to reality. Project management, social media savvy, and a quick eye for the bottom line, made her an essential part of my business."
Michael K.
InhomeSports, Inc.
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Strategic - Professional - Loyal

When we started over 10 years ago, we just wanted to help small business owners and entrepreneurs work smarter … not harder. We looked for the areas that most struggle with, and developed systems to support them. Whether you own a brick and mortar business, or you are a digital nomad, we provide a host of services to suit your business.

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What We Do Best.


Automation Support

Are you looking to increase the automation in your business?  We can help implement the systems and platforms to help you work more efficiently.

Customer Support

Do you have a business that requires fast responses to customer inquiries and requests for information?  We can help by providing that support, so you can focus on other things.


Launch Strategy

When you are ready to launch a new product or service, we can help by planning and executing everything from FB ads, Landing Pages, and product delivery!

Basic Administrative Support

Most tasks you can handle on your own, but there are simple tasks that you never seem to complete.  Whether it is email management, creating auto-responses, or following up with leads – there is support for that!


Blog Writing

We all want to blog – but we don’t actually want to write the blog!  We have a service that will deliver 4-6 blog posts a month.  You can edit them or use them as is … but you can be more consistent!


Website Maintenance

Do you have a website that needs to be updated, but you never get around to doing it?  What if you need to keep you offerings updated, links adjusted, adding your videos, etc?  It’s one of those things that need to be done, but never seems to get done!

"SI recommend Dionne Thomas for many reasons: She is very energetic, competent, outgoing, creative, has great communication skills, is a Team Player and knows marketing. I highly recommend her for any company desiring to advance forward."
Randy Lang
Complex Litigation
"Dionne – the business owners friend. She is trendy, educated and on it! She typically knows the ‘new waves’ and is inventive and creative and filled with ideas! She has dabbled in many venues and can provide a lot of value in many conversations on many topics!"
Cheryl Clark
Working the Gap
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